Virginia Highlands

Between Midtown and Druid Hills, Virginia-Highlands grew and took its name from its central intersection: Virginia and North Highland Avenues. When it was first developed in 1916 as North Boulevard Park, the subdivision was another “streetcar” community, with a line that ran down North Highland to Ponce. Many of the houses are solid brick Craftsman structures with porches.
Virginia-Highlands was damaged in the 1960s when the state tried to build an expressway, I-485, through the neighborhood. The roads was eventually halted but not before homes were condemned and the community was disrupted. After that experience, Virginia-Highlands took to jealously guarding their neighborhood against too much change. They keep a watchful eye, for example, on growth in the popular North Highland Avenue commercial district, whose restaurants and bars attract visitors from all over town. Virginia-Highlands home prices start in the mid to high 400s to over a million.

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