Morningside/Lenox Park

North of Virginia-Highlands is the Morningside/Lenox Park section. Similar in many ways to Virginia-Highland, this area’s residents also had to battle the state of Georgia over plans to build the I-485 Expressway. Morningside dates from the post World War I years. A former farming community, it was purchased and developed by M. S. Rankin and James R. Smith. Lenox Park got under way in 1932, the product of the architectural firm Ivey and Crook.
Many Lenox Park homes are built of stone and brick in Tudor and English Country styles. Morningside’s homes are in a variety of styles. Morningside’s homes are in a variety of styles, reflecting the influence of neighboring districts Virginia-Highlands and Ansley Park. Morningside Elementary is one of the city’s most highly regarded public schools. Home prices in Morningside and Lenox Park start in the mid 400s and go to well over a million.  Learn more at