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For those who are unfamiliar with Atlanta’s in-town residential real estate market, the area can be broken down into primary areas, such as Midtown, Buckhead, North-East Atlanta, Atlanta’s Eastside, and Decatur.  Many neighborhoods lie within each of these primary areas and some neighborhoods lie close to more than one primary area.  Consequently, while browsing the site you may see a neighborhood listed in more than one primary area.  For instance, Morningside/Lenox Park is often associated with Midtown, North-East Atlanta, and Emory. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I appreciate the opportunity and would love to help”

– Kevin Harden, Associate Broker/REALTOR, 404-388-8723. 

Atlanta In-Town and NE Neighborhoods

To understand Atlanta, one must get to know its neighborhoods. Atlanta is a city of many different neighborhoods connected by a web of roads and rails. The various distinct communities, each with its own wealth of history and homes, are one of the many features that make this city unique.

While the city neighborhoods have been the area’s strength for decades, recent history has been made in Atlanta’s burgeoning suburbs and heavy traffic. The building boom of the last four decades has made what people once thought of as “Atlanta” an area that now spreads into several adjacent counties and beyond. The metro area has gotten so big that real estate experts have begun to make a distinction between “close-in” suburbs that border Atlanta’s Fulton County and “exurbs” – those areas at the outer fringe where the one-way commute downtown may be 75 miles or more.

No matter where they live, Atlanteans love to discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of life in various neighborhoods. One may hear diehard in-towners speak disparagingly of life beyond the I-285 Perimeter. One may also hear suburbanites discussing in-town Atlanta as if it were an exotic foreign land. Many Atlanteans are lightheartedly opinionated about where they live.

Wherever they call home, residents will find their neighborhood more than just a place to sleep, it provides a buffer to urban life and conveys a sense of community to its members.

Because so much of Atlanta life is organized around communities, and neighborhood names are widely used to identify locations, it’s worthwhile for tourists as well as new residents to spend a few moments becoming familiar with the metro area’s many distinct districts.

The truth is that whether you prefer to live, in a high-rise condominium, a gated country-club community, a downtown loft, or a lofty mansion, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of Atlanta’s many great neighborhoods.

As you begin to look for an Atlanta address, a few questions that you might consider: Is commute time important? Are schools important to you? What is your budget? Answering these questions will provide the basis by which you can start to focus your attention to the neighborhoods that fit your needs for the present as well as your goals for the future.